Take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a minute and then open them, really wide.


There’s a place for templates and frameworks and six-easy-steps to marketing.

This is not that place.

If you’re here, it’s because all of that paint-by-numbers marketing stuff has left you feeling disillusioned, bored, or grossed out. All those tactics work for somebody, but they haven’t worked for you. 

What you want for your business and your customers is something much more personal, much more exciting, and much more creative.

It doesn’t happen by accident. Fusing strategy and storytelling takes practice. It requires reaching past the easy answer for something real and resonant. It demands exploration. 

Create vivid, exciting, creative brand messaging and connect with your people

expLORE is a mini workshop designed to help you outline your unique brand messaging strategy and storytelling roadmap, in a single day.

Together we'll learn how to:


  • Uncover a brand vocabulary that vividly evokes your brand experience in words you can use across every touch point
  • Define your brand personality and tone of voice
  • Create an “empathy well” you can draw from every time you need to create messaging for an offer

This two hour workshop is a blend of creative exercises and step-by-step strategies, with a live Q&A session to make sure you have everything you need to use what you’ve discovered to win more hearts, make more money, and feel amazing about your marketing. 

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