Brand consultancy

Strategy & Storytelling for beloved brands

Create irresistible brand experiences and customers for life with marketing that’s as every bit as inspiring as you are.

Your brand is something people don’t see every day.

But they should.

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You and your team make the world a more beautiful place.

You know who you are.

You’re the creatives. 

The makers. 

The helpers.

The dreamers and doers.


The brands that matter. A lot.

And that’s why you’re here.

When you’re one-of-a-kind wonderful, cut and paste marketing tactics feel all wrong.

They don’t fit, and they never will.

If you want to scale your business without losing your soul, you need a very specific blend of strategy and storytelling.


That’s what Laud and Lore is for.

There’s a more wonderful

way to do marketing.

I’m Amanda Gareis and this is Laud and Lore.

For nigh on ten years, I’ve been showing businesses like yours how to create extraordinary, deeply personal brand experiences with their copywriting and communications.

It begins with expert brand messaging strategy.

But it always ends with storytelling.

Deep, resonant, squeeze-your-heart-and-shiver-your-timbers storytelling.

When you put the two together, marketing feels like magic.

When you meet your customers with empathy, integrity and a genuine twinkle in your eye, you create real, living bonds with them.

Then you serve them better. Selling to them becomes serving them better.

And they love it so much that they email you asking what they can buy next.


So let’s meet there.

How can I help you today?