I help the overwhelmed founders of overgrown passion projects fall in love with marketing


When I first started writing for businesses, a decade ago, one thing was immediately clear.

The best companies are always the ones where people are obsessed with what they do for a living.

That kind of love is the most interesting thing in the world, no matter what it is you actually do. 

Amanda of Laud and Lore

Passion projects are an endless font of everything a branding specialist could want:

  • Buckets of personality
  • A distinctive voice
  • Compelling, relatable stories
  • A crystal clear understanding of who you serve and why

But I discovered something weird.

These brilliant, passionate, creative founders were often the ones who struggled most with branding and marketing. 

Let me know if any of this rings a bell:

  • You’re so close to the work, you have a hard time getting the words out of your head and into your brand to articulate your unique value
  • You’ve have a really hard time letting go of any of it, even when it’s slowing you down, which has led to you feeling really overwhelmed with all the marketing tasks on your list, so you just freeze
  • Marketing feels like a necessary evil, a distraction from the work you got into this business to do, so you put it off and do literally anything else instead until a plunge in revenue has you scrambling for the next sale
  • You’re half convinced that if you want your marketing to be effective, it’s going to have to be coercive, and that feels like a betrayal (DRAMATIC MUSIC) so you’re always battling ambivalence

There’s a lot of angst and drama around this topic, and it’s a horrible waste of time and energy.

We could be having fun and making money instead.

I got sick of seeing so many sensitive, empathetic, creative people fight this marketing monster against their own best interests. 

So I decided that Laud and Lore was going to be built on one premise:

Let’s stop doing things we don’t want to do.

At least when it comes to marketing.

There are two simple rules:

  1. If our marketing isn’t making their day better, we shouldn’t be doing it.

  2. If our marketing feels bad (or even “just” boring) to us, we shouldn’t be doing it. 

The end. That’s it.

Because not only is boring, soulless marketing miserable for us as business owners, it’s miserable for our customers, too.

Everyone is drowning in generic ads, screechy sales pages, and mindless email and it’s exhausting. 


Miserable people buy stuff for miserable reasons, and it’s unsustainable.


So let’s just stop.


So let’s just cut it out with the tactics and templates and scripts. Let’s stop “hacking” people like they’re bleep bloop machines. 

Great marketing strategy isn’t like hacking. It isn’t like warfare. 

It’s exactly like planning an epic surprise party.

I’ve been in this business for a decade.

I’ve crafted the messaging strategy and copy for multi-million dollar rebrands of international five-star hotels, independent design micro-businesses, solopreneur coaches and everything in between.

I've helped clients double their email open rates and lift their launch numbers by 200%.

So yes. Strategy is a thing. And it works.

Ads and email and sales pages are important. That’s how the money gets to you.

And no matter how passionate you are, money is the business part of this whole thing, and good marketing is about making good money.

(I love money too.)

But (come closer, this is the best bit) all of these marketing things, the strategy and the assets, work SO MUCH BETTER when they arise out of genuine creativity, curiosity, and generosity. 

There are better ways to do this. I can show you how.

You love your business. I love you.

I love working with people like you, who create beauty and goodness in the world. 


I love unlocking things in you that you didn’t know were there, so you can unlock things in your customers that make them wonder where you’ve been all their lives.

I love helping you make more money. 

But my favourite part is always, always, always when I see you realise that this marketing lark can be fun.

Another beautiful way to serve your people.

A natural outpouring of the love that made you start this thing in the first place.

Once you realise that, everything changes.

Let's have fun and make money.